What looks like a new pair of shoes, feels like a new pair of shoes, fits like a glove on day one with no break-in period, and cost way less? 

Your favorite pair of Hubbards, beautifully resoled.

We’ve set up a program with John Bradley at Resole Patrol to restore your Hubbards to their former glory, with their current level of comfort!

In addition to putting on brand-new Vibram® or Davos® soles, Resole Patrol will clean the leather uppers and provide you with brand-new laces.

Want a different color sole from what you had originally? No problem. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Check with Resole Patrol for your options.

If you don’t select a new color, John’s team will simply replace them with the identical color they came in originally.

Your shoes will be treated with a waterproof spray, which will keep your feet warm and dry, and the leather nice and clean—all for $85 (total) including return shipping to your home.

Breathe new life into your Hubbards! Have them resoled, restored and refurbished. A great pair of shoes is always worth it.

Check out our resoling program today! Customers are responsible for shipping to Resole Patrol.

Resole Patrol, call (910) 515-5356 or email