Resoling & Refurbishment

Samuel Hubbard shoes are constructed so that they can be nicely resoled.

We have set up a program with John Bradley at Resole Patrol. He has an excellent facility and we are supplying him with original Vibram soles so that your shoes can be as comfortable as the day you first wore them.

In addition to putting on brand-new Vibram soles, Resole Patrol will clean the leather uppers and provide new shoe laces.

As a special service we can also change the sole color for you. Regardless of the original color, you may choose from:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Light Grey
  • Medium Dark Grey

If you do not select a new color, the shoes will be resoled with the original color.

The shoes will be returned with a waterproof spray on them which we recommend you apply to the suede and nubuck shoes every three or four months to help keep the leather clean.

Resoling — $75 including return shipping to your home.

Customers are responsible for paying the shipping charges when sending their shoes to Resole Patrol.

To arrange to have your shoes resoled and refurbished, please go to:

Resole Patrol, call (910) 515-5356 or email