Vibram Sole Dress Shoes For Men

Vibram Sole Dress Shoes For Men.

There's a reason Vibram soles have become so popular. Much like the Samuel Hubbard shoe company, their history in the shoe industry dates back to the 1930s and their commitment to making excellent, functional products makes them an ideal choice for comfortable shoes designed to be worn all the time. That's why we choose to use them on so many of our models, and especially our dress shoes.

Our philosophy of making comfortable dress shoes that you can wear all day makes Vibram soles a perfect fit. The extra spring they provide adds comfort and support for long days at the office, traveling or just spending time at home. Their durability means you can continue to enjoy your Hubbards for years to come, and when the soles do eventually wear out, they can be resoled for even more life.

Browse our collection of Vibram-soled dress shoes and find the model that suits your style best.