Hubbard Fast for Him

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Life moves fast. Hubbards move faster. We invented a new, hand-lasted construction and softer, more pliable leather, just for this shoe. It’s a shoemaking method that requires the utmost in precision. It’s the only pair of shoes you will need to pack when you go on your next adventure.

  • Hand-lasted, Stroebel construction, for a sock-like fit and maximum flexibility.
  • Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.
  • Custom Vibram® soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.
  • Lightweight shank provides sturdy arch support.
  • Triple-Density memory foam insole, topped in silky smooth leather.
  • Easily removed if you wish to use your own orthotics.
  • Easily resoled for years of comfort. See our Resole Program.
  • Designed in Mill Valley, CA. Handcrafted in Portugal.


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Hubbard Fast for Him
Hubbard Fast for Him

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Product Questions

  • 06.09.2018
    I'm interested in the Fast shoe about sizing. I wear a 13d in Allen Edmonds and Alden. In Nike and New Balance 14 M . My actual size is 13 1/2 D.

    Hello! Based on what you stated, we recommend going with a 13 medium which would be a D width. In the event this doesn't work for you, we offer free returns! Sometimes customers will purchase multiple sizes and return one once their correct size is confirmed.

  • 06.12.2018
    I really am an 8.5 EE. Are your shoes wide enough for me?

    Hello! Our wide is an EE, so you should find our brand to be accommodating. In the event they aren't, we do offer free-no hassle- returns!

  • 06.21.2018
    I walk 6 to 7 miles every day because I’m a merchandiser for Dr Pepper would this show work well with what I do?

    Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. The Hubbard Fast is a great option to wear if you have an active profession. Keep in mind, the more you wear your shoes, the faster the soles will wear out. We are happy to partner with Resole Patrol so customers can have their favorite Hubbards resoled down the road. For more information please visit:

  • 06.30.2018
    Meant to be worn with socks. I want to wear with shorts. How does no socks affect shoes and feet referring to "fast"

    Hello! Socks are an individual choice. Since feet naturally sweat throughout the day, it does help prevent odors and fungal infections if a sock is worn to help absorb moisture. You may consider a "no show" sock. If anything, I would suggest an absorbent foot powder sprinkled in the shoe should you decide to opt out of a sock.

  • 07.02.2018
    Which of the two styles are the most comfortable and has more room in the toe box, the Fast or the Free?

    Hello. Thank you for your inquiry. Between the Free and the Fast the Hubbard Free offers more room in the toe box.

  • 07.05.2018
    I wear an 8.5 M in many pairs from Rockport. Based on that what would you recommend for me.

    Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. If you wear an 8.5 in Rockport, then an 8.5 in our brand will likely suit you as well.

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