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                                                                                                                  Hubbard Flight. Shown here in
                                                                                                                  Aircraft Gray, below in Burnished
                                                                                                                  Tan. Also available in Jet Blue and
                                                                                                                  Carbon Black. $195

                                                                              Imported leather
                                                                              To create the outer
                                                                              shell, we searched the
                                                                              world for the richest,
                                                                              most luxurious leathers
                                                                              money can buy.
        Design story
        One day we asked
        ourselves: “What if
        we took the great                                                    Inner Sock
        feeling of socks and                                                 The secret ingredient
        added the support                                                    of Hubbard Flight is the
        of a cushy, arch-                                                    inner shell. Silky soft
        friendly sole? Hey,                                                  and flexible, it cradles
        people laughed at                                                    your feet in a way other
        the Wright brothers.                                                 shoes only dream about.
                                                                             Its moisture wicking
                                                                             qualities keep you cool
                                                                             and dry.

        Comfort System                                                                                           Hubbard Flight. Soft leather uppers, breathable inner sock, shock-absorbent cup sole, triple-density removable
        Perfected over                                                                                           PORON  insoles, handcrafted in Portugal. Whole sizes 7-14, half sizes through 12, medium. $195
        years of testing                                                      Hubbard Cup Sole
        and refinement, our                                                   Our new rubber cup
        insole system is the                                                  sole provides protection
        perfect layer cake                                                    for the heel, toe, and
        of comfort. Triple-                                                   sides of your shoes.
        density memory                                                        They are attached
        foam. Poron  heel                                                     without using a midsole
        cushioning. Gentle                                                    or welt, which makes                                                                                Samuel Hubbard
        arch support. All                                                     the shoes incredibly                                                                              Happiness Guarantee
        topped in silky                                                       light and flexible. As                                                                                  Page 27
        smooth leather to                                                     an added measure
        reduce friction and                                                   we use a specialized
        keep your feet cool.                                                  stitching machine called
        Easily removed if                                                     a “sidewall stitcher” to
        you wish to use                                                       ensure a permanent
        your own orthotics.                                                   bond to the uppers.

      4 I M O R E S T Y L E S AT S A M U E L H U B B A R D . C O M I (8 4 4 ) 48 2- 48 0 0                                                                 M O R E S T Y L E S AT S A M U E L H U B B A R D . C O M I (8 4 4 ) 4 8 2- 4 8 0 0 I 5
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