The Dogs Behind Our Catalog

Dogs love Hubbards. They’ve become their favorite shoes because they keep their humans walking and taking them on new adventures. When a dog’s human is comfortable, great walks happen. Read on for their top picks.

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Hubbard Week Adventure Guide

Hubbard Week is just around the corner. Here are our top picks for how to enjoy the beautiful cities and towns where Hubbard Week is being featured all around the country. Shop first and then get right back to exploring. Hubbards make all the difference in the journey.

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From Groom to Guest: Wedding Style Guide

Even though summer is starting to wind down, but the wedding season is year-round in 2019. Chances are, you have been invited to quite a few weddings. It can be hard to decipher the dress code on the invitation. We are here to help you elevate all of your looks for the big day. Groom or guest? Either way, Hubbards are the perfect way to make sure the wedding is easy on your feet while keeping you polished and ready for the photoshoots ahead.

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