From Groom to Guest: Wedding Style Guide

Even though summer is starting to wind down, the wedding season is year-round in 2019. Chances are, you have been invited to quite a few weddings. It can be hard to decipher the dress code on the invitation. We are here to help you elevate all of your looks for the big day. Groom or guest? Either way, Hubbards are the perfect way to make sure the wedding is easy on your feet while keeping you polished and ready for the photoshoots ahead.

You're a guest and the invitation says "casual."

A casual wedding has a straightforward dress code. You're going to a wedding that you wouldn't describe as traditional or boring. This is an opportunity to take on the playful, relaxed day in a pair of blue or grey dress pants and a linen shirt (rolled-up sleeves are optional), a polo shirt, or a button-down. To complement your outfit, choose something elevated, but casual for your shoe. Blue Skies or Hubbard Free are both up to the occasion. Just remember to watch out for the sparklers when the couple is making their getaway!

Wedding Guest

You're a guest and the invitation says "cocktail."

Let the party begin! Pull out a suit and tie in your favorite shade or a sports coat if you're feeling like toning down your look. Either way, City Legend and Ivy Legend are both up to the challenge of walking through the venue for hours and dancing the night away. Want a matching belt? Try Final Touch and enjoy that put-together feeling. When you're pulling away from the party, your feet will still feel like it's the beginning of the day.

You're a guest and the invitation says "formal attire" or "black tie optional."

Now we're moving towards a formal wedding. Avoid looking out of place. Pull a dark suit or tux from your closet, dusting off your cuff-links, and accessorizing with an eye for detail. You'll find that Highlander, Founder, Tipping Point, or Market Cap are confidence in the form of luxurious leather and insanely comfortable construction. Your dancing partner might very well be looking at your feet. It's hard to ignore a style icon.


You're a guest and the invitation says "black tie."

You're going to a sophisticated wedding. You should lean towards an ensemble that makes you feel effortlessly self-assured. This is an event that undoubtedly calls for a tux. Pair it with Tipping Point, Highlander, or Royal Scot for the perfect final touch of sophistication. Turn off your cell and enjoy the moment. The champagne will be arriving soon. Salut!


You're a groomsman at a casual or unconventional wedding.

This is sort of a fine line to walk. On the one hand, you want to blend in with the wedding venue and the other groomsmen. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with being a cut above — Slip on Founder or Market Cap for the ideal pairing with your coordinated suit. You can never go wrong with a classic shoe that stands out from the crowd. Pro tip: relax before the ceremony. Remember, the photography does end eventually. In the meantime, you have shoes that keep you comfortable and stylish for the 14 hour day ahead.

Style Guide

You're a groomsman at a formal wedding.

Your friend knows you're one of the most important men in his life. Now you get to stand beside him while his next chapter begins. Coordinate your formal suit or tux with Royal Scot or Tipping Point for that edge of sophistication. Enjoy the opportunity to dress to the nines. You look incredible. Oh, and so do your shoes.

You're an unconventional groom.

This is your big day too. It's a time to celebrate all that you are. Whether you're going with a theme, dressing it down, or just adding a bit of flair to your day, your look is a big part of expressing your style. We would suggest picking a suit with texture, color, or pattern that adds a tasteful touch of unexpected personality to your day. Enjoy every second of your wedding with Tipping Point or Highlander for unexpected detailing and next-level comfort. We hope that your new chapter is full of adventure and growth.

All Black


You're a groom with classic taste.

Congratulations on the incredible next step in your love story. Nothing says confident groom like a tux or suit made from high-quality fabrics and tailored perfectly for your unique frame. Why not get shoes as perfectly suited to your special day? Royal Scot, Founder, Market Cap, and Highlander are all up to the challenge. Make sure you take a moment in the fast-paced celebration to reflect on the love that has gotten you to this point in your journey. Bon Voyage!