The New Endeavor

The boat shoe is a classic.  Casual, versatile, and trendy.  Many brands offer boat shoes, but Samuel Hubbard’s boat shoe, the New Endeavor, is half the weight as our competitors and twice as bouncy for ridiculous comfort. We use century-old siping techniques (cutting thin slits across a rubber surface to improve traction) which result in our custom no-slip, shock-absorbent rubber sole. They are true boat shoes that can be worn for all your hardcore boat deck needs.  Or, slip them on for any land-loving adventure if you just enjoy the stylish look.

Boat shoes style perfectly with jeans, shorts, and khakis or chinos. For an effortless nautical look, pair with cuffed jeans and a white shirt.  Make a statement in colorful chinos. Contrast is key. If you have light shoes, go with dark pants and a light shirt. Do you love our New Endeavor in Driftwood Blue?  Pair them with lighter khakis. Use the same contrasting rule of thumb with shorts. With boat shoes, you’ll want your shorts to be simple and tailored. Avoid highly patterned materials or pleats for a polished, “just stepped off the boat” look.

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