The Joy of Craftsmanship

The Joy of Craftsmanship

Here’s to the craftspeople. The builders, the makers, the dreamers, the people who bring ideas to life through tireless, precise, but joy-filled work that has both an unwavering commitment to quality and a loving passion for building something “the right way.”

With all the focus on screen time, AI, streaming services and the latest digital devices it’s easy to forget about the men and women who live to roll up their sleeves and work with their hands and minds to create something out of nothing. To take an idea and feel the pride of turning their thoughts into something tangible and beautiful. Craftspeople built our country. And, in fact, craftspeople continue to build the screens, AI, and devices as well.

Craftspeople also continually seek to improve at their craft. They constantly strive to do better, more polished work than the previous project regardless of how awesome or well received it might have been. They are in constant pursuit of ongoing improvement. That deeper attention to detail and pride of accomplishment is what makes their projects so desirable and pleasing to the senses.

We all have experienced seeing someone’s work, or service, or art, or food, or parenting, or sport that causes us to pause and engage for a bit longer and deeper.

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Anyone Can Be a Craftsperson

Do you long for the sense of joy and accomplishment of the craftsperson at work? If so, the shift from worker to craftsman is first a shift in perception. Work can be your craft, but your craft is much different than going to work.

The difference is a shift in the perception of the work.  At Samuel Hubbard, we are passionate about the craft of making shoes.  To us, this is not work, but art and joy and making friends one pair at a time.  By focusing on developing our craft we are filled with a desire to learn from our mistakes, to constantly be improving, and take a deeper pride in what we are creating. We are perfectionist and craftspeople first and foremost.  

And we believe anyone can be a craftsperson if the desire and joy are aligned.

So, whether you build custom bikes, teach school, make marketing campaigns, or are the CEO of a huge company or CEO of your family, adopt a craftsman-like approach.  We know you can create something beautiful.

And we will be here to celebrate you.


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