6 Tips for Stress-Free Travel This Summer

Traveling can get stressful before you even board the plane. From planning to packing to airport security, traveling can be the most stressful part of anyone's trip. To help make your summer trip less stressful, we partnered up with our travel blogger friends at Travel to Blank, who are always on the move! Here are their top 6 most important stress-free travel tips to help you enjoy your next vacation from start to finish. Bon voyage!

1. Research the Destination

It is important to do plenty of research before you decide where you are going. You can easily get overwhelmed with the number of attractions you are interested in visiting and the time you have in the particular destination.

We normally plan our trips based on our vacation time and how many things we want to see in the destination. It makes it far more enjoyable and less stressful when we already know what we have time to do.

2. Read the Fine Print

Read the reviews and fine print before booking anything for your trip. There is nothing more frustrating that finding out you have to pay more for parking and breakfast or that the hotel is not even in the part of town you were looking for. Thoroughly reading reviews and fine print will guarantee you book exactly what you are looking for! 

3. Create an Itinerary

We normally keep a folder with the printed boarding passes, hotel reservations and excursions itinerary. We also create a small itinerary with the important information of where we want to visit such a opening hours, addresses and entry cost. Keep it in your day bag, just in case you need to look back at it during any part of your trip.

4. Pack Appropriate Clothing

When it is finally time to pack for your trip, think through what you are actually packing. Make sure you are packing appropriate clothing for your destination. You do not want to worry about having to buy the right clothes when you do arrive.

At the same time, pack clothing that will be comfortable for all the adventures that come your way.  We believe the best way to get to know a new destination is by walking through the attractions for a chance to find hidden gems. A comfortable pair of walking shoes like the Hubbard Free or the Hubbard Boot-Up will keep your feet and body stress free.

Travel to Blank (Jazmin and Steven) in Iceland wearing Hubbard Boot-Ups and Frees 

5. Keep All Liquids in One Place

Many airports require you to remove all liquids from your carry on during the security process. It is way easier and faster to pack one bag that contains all the liquids for your trip including shampoo, toothpaste and perfume. You do not want to get stuck emptying half your bag out into the xray bins and then trying to put it all back in the right place. 

6. Check in Online

You can normally check in online 24 hours prior to your flight. Doing so will save you the time and stress of waiting in line at the airport. You will also be able to get the best seat options for the flight, if the airline allows you to pick your seat. Once you have checked in, print out the boarding pass and if you only pack using a carry-on you can head straight to the gate. 

About Travel to Blank
After graduating from college, Jazmin and Steven decided to start traveling the world and haven’t stopped since. They were constantly being asked by friends and family on where to travel and how to do it for cheap, so that’s when they decided to start a travel blog. Always up for an adventure, whether it be by car/bus/plane, Jazmin and Stephen came up with the idea of blank. They love traveling to _____. Jazmin and Stephen bring their Hubbards with them wherever they go as they’re super comfortable, versatile and stylish. Click here to learn more about Travel to Blank and to read more of their travel guides.