How to Have The Perfect Staycation

Labor Day weekend is here! While for some it’s a great opportunity to getaway (thanks to that extra day off), but for many others, dealing with packing, travel, traffic and holiday prices can mean unwanted stress and burden. 

We’re all about traveling and exploring the world in comfort and style, but this Labor Day, we created some tips to have the perfect stay at home “staycation.” 



Model is wearing our new Re-Boot in Mahagony Suede. Photography by Jason Priziborowski. 

In the world we live in today, it can be really hard to take a time-out from technology. From the moment we wake up to when we go to bed, our phone is (for many people) within arms reach. Always feeling “on” and having to respond to someone’s text, email or phone call can be exhausting! 

So this Labor Day weekend, try unplugging. Even if it’s only for an hour or two. Try it out. Set a timer and just enjoy not having to answer to anyone! See how you feel after and make a note. You could actually enjoy yourself and find that you want to unplug more often.

Go on a Mini-Adventure 


Model is wearing our 24 Sevens in Whiskey. Photography by Jason Priziborowski. 

So you may think you know your neighborhood like the back of your hand, but this weekend, take a different route. Instead of always going right, go left.

Take note of a few things you’ve never noticed before. Bonus points if you take pictures of them with your smartphone along the way! Just try not to get too distracted with your phone. ;-)

You’ll be surprised how looking through a camera can make you see things in a totally different light!

Have it Done for You

Always cooking during the week? Take a break and order take-out or delivery. Or better yet? Try that new restaurant that you’ve been hearing rave reviews on.

This also applies to taking care of household chores. You deserve a break every now and then! Hire a professional house cleaner to do a thorough clean of your space. It’s amazing how refreshed a clean house can make you feel!

Have you been meaning to install that thing you bought a few months ago but haven’t gotten around to it? Well, now may be the perfect time to hire someone to help out and mark it off your list. Check out companies like Task Rabbit or Handy for handymen, plumbers, cleaners, etc. You’ll be able to relax while they do all the dirty work!


Since summer’s winding down, there’s no need to worry about that summer diet anymore. Ditch the kale and head straight for the chocolate and wine. You deserve it! Everything is okay in moderation, right!? 

Make it a truly indulgent experience. Set the mood with candles, relaxing music and your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu (Game of Thrones, anyone?).  And if binge-watching shows on TV isn’t your cup of tea, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy. 

Have Fun

Model is wearing our Crosstown Cowboy boots. Photography by Jason Priziborowski. 

Break up the usual weekend routine by doing something spontaneous and fun! Perhaps it’s a drive to the beach or visiting that new museum that opened up.

Be a tourist in your own area. Live in NY and have never visited the Statue of Liberty? Or perhaps San Francisco and have never ridden a cable car? Well now is your chance! 

Stress saving tip: Look into booking a ticket online ahead of time to avoid long lines!

Wherever Labor Day weekend takes you, have fun, be safe and relax! Share your weekend adventures on Facebook or Instagram by tagging us @samuelhubbardco and #WhereTo. 

Header photo was taken by Jason Priziborowski. Model is wearing Uptown Maverick Bucks