The Best Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

With winter officially starting tomorrow, there’s no better time to discuss how to stay warm, comfortable and dry this winter than now. Because no one likes feeling cold, we’ve rounded up five of our top tips on how to maximize warmth this winter.

1. Take a Hot/Cold Shower

Before heading out the door, try taking a shower alternating between hot and cold water. While turning on cold water for a few seconds may sound contrary to your goal of becoming warmer, it has been shown that cold showers help improve blood circulation and support your immune system (Health).

2. Bundle Up

Although this may seem like an obvious one, it’s important to bundle up with the right kind of layers. Sure layering five long-sleeved t-shirts will keep you warmer than just one, but it’s best to look for items that are made for cooler temperatures. Fleece, down, wool, cashmere and thermal are just a few materials that perform best in cooler temperatures.

There are even new fabrics with technology that warm up when your body is cold, and cool down when your body is too hot! Check out these soft long-sleeved t-shirts from Uniqlo with Heattech Technology.

3. Protect Those Toes

Similar to wearing proper clothing during the winter, it’s just as important to keep your feet protected from the elements. Since most regular shoes won’t protect your feet from rain, snow, slush or ice, you’ll need to invest in some weatherproof shoes and thick socks. Look for waterproof shoes with warm interior linings for extra warmth and comfort, like these Samuel Hubbard Gore-Tex Winter’s Day boots.

4. Carry Hand Warmers

In addition to wearing a good pair of gloves this winter, carry a set of hand warmers. Simply insert them into your pockets or gloves and you’ll instantly feel warmer. These air-activated hand warmers will keep your hands warm on a cold and wintery day for more than 7 hours!

5. Drink Up

With cooler temperatures and crisp, dry air, it's important to stay hydrated during the winter. While plain old water is always a good choice, try sipping on hot beverages, such as tea, coffee and hot water with lemon, to help keep your tummy warm. Invest in an insulated travel mug so you’ll always have something warm on hand.

Check out this stylish stainless steel bottle from Swell that keeps beverages warm up to 12 hours.