Raise the Bar on Your Style

In Tina Fey’s funny biography, Bossypants, she states that celebrities, particularly movie stars, look different from regular people. She notes, that along with being a bit shorter, they “usually have nicer teeth, shoes and watches than anyone else in the room.”

While we can’t really help you on the dental- or timepiece-front, when it comes to footwear, we’ve got you covered.  A great pair of kicks can dial up the IQ of anything else you’re wearing, even if the outfit in question includes gray sweatpants with a drawstring in the front, which we strongly discourage.

Back to Tina’s point, if you’ve got a Cartier Roadster strapped to your wrist, straight teeth and, say, a pair of Samuel Hubbard Mavericks on your feet, you could be wearing a white undershirt and dark denim and get one of the good tables at any place from Damon’s Steakhouse in L.A. to Frankie and Johnnie’s in Manhattan.

Uptown Maverick, Black. Photo by Tex Allen

If getting a great table at a restaurant doesn’t do it for you, the nicer teeth-watch-shoes benefits (great smile, Tag Heuer, Hubbard Tipping Point) hardly end there. This combo, especially in the footwear department, gets you taken more seriously at everything from a sales presentation to a talk with your daughter’s piano instructor. There’s something about the attention to detail that says:

“I’ve given this some thought.”

“I’m showing a little hustle, here.”

“In case you’re noticing, I am on this.” 

“Small thing? There are no small things.”

“You, or your company, or this audience, or your daughter are worth pulling myself together for.”

In short, “I give a damn.”

Tipping Point, Whiskey. Photo by Leopoldo Macaya

At Samuel Hubbard Shoes, we have a great mission. To help you feel comfortable while looking your best.  We feel confident that if you can choose a shirt and a pair of slacks, that there is nothing in our many styles of shoes and boots that won’t add to what you’ve already got going on. It’s not about a makeover; you likely don’t need one. It’s about raising the game of everything else in your wardrobe.

And, while you’re out in the world, if someone looks in your direction and furtively whispers, “I think that’s Liam Neeson, over there at the corndog stand,” that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

Brian P Cleary