Pleasing Our Customers, One Phone Call & Shoe at a Time

Unlike many online retailers today we do not hide behind our website. At Samuel Hubbard, we believe in person-to-person communication. We have real people answering our phones all day and we do everything possible never to have you on hold. We believe that our customers like to find that there is someone waiting for their call at Hubbard.

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, I remember hanging out in my grandfather’s Hubbard Shoe Factory in Rochester, NH. At the time, there were not many phones in the town. Whenever you needed to make a phone call, the local operator had to assist you, as there was no direct long distance calling. 

At the factory we had a switchboard operator who would plug in cables to connect the calls. Every effort was made to connect the calls to the appropriate person in the factory so that no call was missed. In fact, I still remember how the operator would often know that my grandfather was at lunch and often knew what restaurant he was in that day!

Today we do exactly that same thing. We answer our phones and we don't send you to voice mail.  

Please feel free to call us and remember those fond days when people actually answered their phone calls. We can, of course, respond by email or social media as well.  We’re happy to connect with you via whatever method works best for you.

As our business continues to grow as word of the comfort and quality of our shoes spreads, we will do everything we can to keep up with the phone inquiries and we look forward to speaking with you.

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company - making friends one pair at a time.

Our customer service team just won the Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year! Big congratulations to our team for their outstanding service and dedication to our customers!