The Perfect Groomsmen Gift: A Pair of Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Our wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains, was more amazing than we could have imagined. As we stood in front of our friends and family, surrounded by the towering Redwoods basking in the sunshine, it felt like time stopped.

The daily clutter, sounds, and distractions of life faded away, and it was just us. Two people, with different stories who had happened to found each other, and now committing to now walk through life together.

In good times, and hard times. It was truly a magical, holy moment! Melinda was a radiant bride in her dress, surrounded by her bridesmaids, and I loved having my brothers, and best friends stand beside me on this historic day.

We both felt so supported, and celebrated by those who love us! When I put together the outfit that myself, and my groomsmen would wear, I wanted attire that was simple, yet classy, but could also be worn again after the wedding.

As we got ready for the ceremony, it was so fun to watch my groomsmen open up the box with their Samuel Hubbard Frees inside, and to see the smile on their faces as they put them on.

The Perfect Groomsmen Gift: Hubbard Frees in Tan Waxhide

Patrick's groomsmen in matching Hubbard Frees, Tan Waxhide 

Not only were they incredibly comfortable to stand, and dance in, they perfectly completed our outfits, and made us look great. We love them!

Patrick taking off Melinda's garter at the reception 

Post wedding, we all continue to wear the Samuel Hubbards, and I often get comments when I have them on.

Thanks for making such a quality, comfortable, and stylish shoe, that was absolutely perfect for my wedding.

The Happy Newlyweds, Melinda and Patrick