Our Very Own Shoe Dog

Our CEO & Founder, Bruce Katz, was recently selected as one of the greatest “Shoe Dogs” of all time by Footwear Insight magazine.

What exactly is a Shoe Dog you ask?

Well, according to Footwear Insight, the term “Shoe Dog” is used with both reverence and respect. A Shoe Dog is an industry veteran who has lived the business and made a lasting contribution through one or more jobs.

Shoe Dogs love product and love the gritty details of the business. A sales rep who becomes a product developer and then a sales manager, can be a Shoe Dog. A CPG executive who once sold cake mix and then joins a shoe company can be wildly successful, but can never be a Shoe Dog.

And what makes our CEO & Founder, Bruce Katz, a Shoe Dog?

As Footwear Insight explains in their article, Katz has true Shoe Dog lineage, growing up working in his grandfather’s factory in New Hampshire.

In 1973 when the factory closed, Katz and his father began sourcing shoes in Brazil with the idea that shoes could be comfortable and dressy at the same time. 

The idea turned into Rockport and Katz and his father are credited with launching the modern American comfort business. The family sold Rockport to Reebok in the mid 80’s.

But inspired by his daughter’s curiosity about the shoe business, Katz launched Samuel Hubbard several years ago, proving that the idea of mixing comfort and style is still a good one. 

We’re honored that Bruce has been identified as one of the top Shoe Dogs of all time and are excited for what’s to come at Samuel Hubbard!

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