Our New Fall Catalog is Out! A Note From Bruce

Just released for Fall, our brand new catalog features dogs and their owners! Because who can resist cute dogs and comfortable shoes!? To learn more about the thought behind our latest catalog, read the note below from Bruce, our CEO & Founder. 

Bruce Katz and his dogs, Hope and Wonder. Bruce is wearing Hubbard Fasts in Taupe.

Depending on where you live, there are a host of little signs when fall arrives.

Maybe it’s the sound of the local marching band in full Friday-night swing, or the smell of the bon fire.

For many of us, as the temperature cools, we’re doing even more walking and hiking, often with a trusted companion. It’s our love for the four-legged variety that first drew us to Marin Humane Society.

They reunite lost pets with worried families, use dogs as a tool of connection with autistic children, and find homes for all kinds of critters.

In short, they understand the bond between us and the animals we love — especially dogs!

Studies show that walking your dog makes both of you healthier. My two are named Wonder and Hope, and with the shoes I make, I don’t have to plan a wardrobe change to stretch their legs (and mine).

My father said that we make friends with our shoes, one pair at a time. We hope you’ll agree that a great pair of shoes, like the ones on the following pages, can be Man’s Second-Best Friend.

-Bruce Katz

CEO & Founder of Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Founder of Rockport Shoes


Click here to view the full catalog online. 


And to request a printed catalog in the mail, email support@samuelhubbard.com or call 844-482-4800. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page and click 'Send Me a Free Catalog.'