Making Friends One Pair At A Time

At Samuel Hubbard, we like to think we are making friends one pair at a time. Our extraordinary customer service department, who continually exceed and delight our customers, are the reason for our many friends. Hand delivering shoes, surprise gifts, direct phone lines and handwritten thank you cards are things you can expect from our customer service team. But don’t just take it from us! We think friends tell stories the best, so here are a few shining examples from customers who became friends.

From David D.

Last year, I received a Samuel Hubbard brochure in the mail. It's the first time I've received a mailer from your company.

In the catalog, there was a purple (royal blue) shoe with a white sole, your version of a "un sneaker". The color of the shoe was something I had been seeking for a while, and I thought that it was meant to be that I received your catalog with a purple nubuck casual shoe. I tried to order it online back in January, and it wasn't available in that color. I was disheartened, but I lived through the disappointment. This past weekend, I saw a full color ad for your company in The NY Times magazine, and was excited to see the purple (royal blue, remember?) shoe in the advertisement!

I immediately went online, and much to my dismay that color STILL wasn't available! I emailed your customer service department and was told that I'd be placed on a waiting list for that particular color shoe, and once production resumed, I’d be notified. I was surprised that from this past January until this past weekend this particular color shoe was STILL not available! 

That's when Breanna took charge! She realized how disappointed I was that I wasn't going to be able to get that color shoe in time for a wedding I was attending this coming labor day weekend (with a white suit and a purple shirt) so she actually called and emailed some retailers that had ordered that style/color shoe and FOUND a website that had ONE pair left in stock in my size in that color! I immediately went online and ordered the shoe from the site she found, and now, thanks to Breanna, I expect delivery in the next few days!

Because of her desire to help a complete stranger obtain one pair of your company's shoes, I am now a customer of Samuel Hubbard forever! And I want you to know that the ONLY reason I'm a new, satisfied customer, is through the relentless work by Breanna. I only wish there were more reps like her in any industry or business. She singlehandedly saved the day for me, and I imagine she is performing the same feats of magic for other customers that might contact your company for any other concerns. That's a feather in YOUR cap, and an excellent way for Samuel Hubbard to obtain new customers and maintain customers for a long time to come.

I only hope the shoes are as comfortable as they appear to be.

Once again, I applaud whoever had the foresight to place Breanna in your customer service department. She is an excellent representative of your brand and your business.

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From Jack S.

Today I received two new pairs of loafers to replace purchases that I made almost a year ago. I contacted your company to see if an insert was available as I noticed that my shoes no longer had the snug fit, but still exceptionally comfortable as it was from the day I purchased them. To my complete surprise, your customer service instructed me to return the shoes and you would replace them in the same size but in a medium fit. For many years I have been purchasing expensive shoes, that never gave me the comfort that Samuel Hubbard’s shoes do.

Never have I experienced customer service, like what I have experienced dealing with Samuel Hubbard. Be assured, from this day on I will no longer purchase any shoes, for dress or for casual wear from anyone else.

I am extremely satisfied and will recommend you to all my friends. Just recently, my friend was in from California where he resides and is a very successful movie and theatre producer. His name is Martin Starger. I not only raved about your shoes I gave him a pair of mine to wear to make certain he was happy, He then ordered two pairs of shoes from you. Many others will follow. I await any new models that you bring forth in the future.

From Peter

I am most impressed with Samuel Hubbard Shoe Co's customer service; probably one of the most responsive I have come across in recent years (for ordering, delivery and answering questions).

With the last order, my wife also has her first pair of your shoes and she also likes them very much.