How to Clean White Shoes & Soles

Spring is here and it’s time to break out the Spring whites! Whether you’re dressed head to toe in white or rocking your favorite new white kicks, one of the most important things to stay looking stylish and fresh when wearing white shoes is to keep them clean!

As you probably already know, this can be a challenge. In fact, one of our most commonly asked questions in customer service is “How do I clean the white soles on my Hubbards?” Well, keep reading and we’ll give you some great tips on keeping your shoes looking brand new!

Cleaning With A Magic Eraser

One easiest things to do and cheapest things you can buy is a magic eraser.

cleaning white shoes

While these are typically used for cleaning up walls and other household items, the magic eraser works wonders for white shoe soles! Simply get it a little bit wet, squeeze out the excess water and then erase the old dirt marks and spots. And voila… your shoes appear brand new!

We’ve often heard from people that regular erasers work great too on keeping your white soles looking clean and brand new! Just make sure the eraser is a neutral color, so the color doesn’t rub off on the sole.

 cleaning white rubber soles

Cleaning Leather Uppers

For stains on the upper or leather part of the shoes, you can try the magic eraser on this. But if you’re finding this still isn’t getting off the stains, you can try using one of a few shoe cleaners. Here are some of our favorites from Kiwi:

cleaners for white sole shoes

While we often recommend the brand Kiwi, there are lots of great options and brands out there. From saddle soap to shoe polish to a general cleaner, these are all great for cleaning your white shoes. Simply follow the instructions on each of them on how to clean your shoes!

Important note on this: While many brands offer cleaners for white shoes, there are lots of different shades of white, so to be safe, stick with clear!

how to whiten shoe soles 

So now that you know how to get your whites looking sparkly new, it’s time to get your white shoes looking fresh for summer! We’d love to see the “before” and “afters.” Share a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag us with @samuelhubbardco for a chance to be featured!

hubbard fast for him white

And if you’ve read all this and you don’t already own a pair of white shoes, now is the perfect time to get some! Check out these stylish, brand-new Hubbard Fasts for men and women.

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