Tips for Traveling During the Holiday Season

The holidays are the simply the busiest travel time of the year. Everyone is headed home, to visit family and friends or head off to an exotic destination. Nearly half of Americans will be hitting the roads, skies or rails across the country this holiday season. These means you need to take special care when traveling. By following these simple tips and planning, you can avoid the holiday travel headache.

 1. Avoid peak times

Planning to travel on the evening before Christmas is not the smartest idea. Limited by work or school schedules, most people have to plan their trips for right before the holiday and return as soon as it is over. Take a vacation day or two and head out early before the peak crowd times. Alternatively, if you cannot take off too many days, simply avoid peak travel times in the morning and afternoon by opting for some less traditional travel times.

2. Only use a carry-on

Limiting your luggage size will save you time and stress during every step of your trip during the holidays. It means fewer lines to wait in at the airport, an easier time maneuvering through crowds, and of course a quicker arrival. Anyone who has had to drag a heavy suitcase around will know that having to carry a lighter weight bag will also help keep you calm and feeling better.

3. Check-In Online

If you are traveling by plane or other ticketed means, always check in online. Even without a printer at home, many airports allow for digital or e-tickets from your phone. A third option is to head to the self-check-in kiosks at the airport, which will have a line, but not as long as waiting for the ticket desk. When you arrive at the airport you can skip the ticket line entirely and head straight through security.  

4. Arrive Early

Always leave early to ensure that any delays do not leave you stranded. It is better to spend some extra time relaxing at the gate than having to run across the airport Home Alone style. If you miss a flight you can ultimately miss your holiday plans due to endless sold-out flights. This is not just a tip for flying. If you are driving, rest assured there will be extra traffic so leave yourself extra time to make sure you arrive at your destination before getting too tired.

5. Ship your gifts to the final destination

The holiday season would not be complete without gifts! However, they can be quite a hassle to manage while traveling. When buying holiday gifts online or in store, have them shipped to your final destination. Most retailers offer gift wrapping and even if the one you use does not, bring along some extra wrapping paper, or have it shipped there as well! Samuel Hubbard provides free shipping and returns to guarantee your special someone ends up with the perfect fitting pair of shoes. Just remember the holidays are a busy time for the mail as well, so do not wait until the last minute to get the gifts sent.

6. Remain relaxed

Model is wearing Highlander Oxfords in Brown Pebble Grain. Photo by Leopoldo Macaya

No matter what time of year you are traveling, it is important to stay relaxed and remain calm when things do not go according to plan. Come prepared for the worst, but planning for the best. Many travelers, especially around the holidays, can get too easily worked up by all the stress. To learn more about how you can manage stress during the holidays, read our other post here.

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