Greetings from the Katz Family to Yours

This is the time of year in which many of us find ourselves saying, “November already? Where did the year go?”

It does seem to fly by, especially when you’re as busy as we’ve been, adding nearly a dozen new shoe and boot designs to our offering. We know that you’re busy too, and that this is a time of year when your feet are taking you everywhere from shopping to hiking, and from work to football games to festive holiday dinners.

With the shoes we make, your footwear is one less thing to worry about. While making great shoes can be pretty complicated, the results we’re aiming for are pretty simple; they need to look amazing and feel luxurious.

I often quote my father, who said, “We make friends with our shoes, one pair at a time.” I’m hoping you find something just right for you, or even for that hard-to-buy-for friend or relative.

Your feet have worked hard for you this year. Why not put them up for a few minutes and take a look?

Bruce Katz  |  Founder and CEO

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company

Former CEO Rockport Shoe Company

Bruce and his wife Dasa

Our new November catalog is out now! Featuring the Samuel Hubbard Holiday Gift Guide 2017!

To request a copy, call customer service at 844-482-4800 or email