Fall Into Boots that Feel Good

Leather or suede? Ankle or knee? Brown or black? Boho chic or cowboy cool? With so many options, how can you possibly choose the perfect pair of boots this Fall?

Follow this podiatrist-approved advice on how to make your boot buying and wearing experience pain-free.

1. Have your feet measured. Size can change throughout life! Keep in mind - your boot size may not fit the same in all styles and brands. Click here for the Samuel Hubbard fit guide for men. For women, click here.

2. Try boots on in the afternoon. Feet tend to swell during the day, so you’ll get a more accurate fit if you try them on then!


Model is wearing our Mt. Tam boot. Photography by Jason Priziborowski. 

3. Buy for the larger foot - most feet are not the exact same size. Better to have a bit of extra room in the toe area than it be too tight!


Model is wearing our new Re-Boot in Mahagony Suede. Photography by Leopolodo Macaya. 

4. Carry an insole when boot shopping in case a pair lacks the proper arch support.

Did you know? Our Hubbard insoles are now available for purchase! Click here to find out more.

New Hubbard 'Gotta Have Sole' Insole

5. Boots should feel comfortable when tried on in the store. There shouldn’t be a “break-in” period.  

6. A boot constructed of natural materials, like leather, will keep feet dry and comfortable during the winter months. 

Did you know? All of our shoes are individually handcrafted of the finest European leathers that are meant to last.

We even have two styles, the Rainy Day Re-Boot and Founder, with a Gore Tex lining to protect your feet from the elements! Check out the brand-new Rainy Day Re-Boot here, and click here for the Rainy Day Founder. 


Rainy Day Re-Boot and Founder in Black Leather

7. Choose a boot with plenty of toe room, a firm heel counter, and traction to ensure stability. Our lug soles found on the Uptown Maverick, Crosswtown Cowboy and Women's 24 Sevens are perfect for giving you that extra traction you’ll need this Fall. Check out the brand-new Uptown Maverick here!

Model is wearing our new Uptown Maverick boot in Black Leather. Photography by Leopolodo Macaya. 

(Front) Model is wearing our Crosstown Cowboy. (Rear) Model is wearing our new Re-Boot in Mahogany Suede. Photography by Leopolodo Macaya. 

Model is wearing our Women's 24 Seven booties in Whiskey Leather. Photography by Leopolodo Macaya. 


Angela Berard is a member of The American Podiatric Medical Association (AMPA). For more advice on foot care health, click here to visit APMA online or contact your local podiatrist. 


Main image by Leopoldo Macaya. Closest model is wearing our Crosstown Cowboy boots, and furthest model is wearing our brand-new Re-Boots in Mahagony Suede.