Essential Travel Gear for the Frequent Traveler

Being a frequent traveler can be an amazing lifestyle. There are so many places around the world to explore, and never enough time to see them all! However, with the continuous packing and unpacking, trip planning and long flights, all this traveling can have some obvious downsides.

To help avoid major travel pains, we’ve come up with a list of travel gear items that will improve your next adventure and make the process of traveling stress free. These travel essentials are perfect for every type of traveler; business, family and fun! Without further ado, here are our top five essential travel gear for the frequent flyer:

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are the most important thing when traveling. You can easily spend the entire day on your feet exploring a new city or hiking through the wilderness. A good pair of shoes will keep your feet and mind in a happy mood.

For easy on and off at the airport, try our Frequent Traveler loafers.  No ties to tie. Just step in and out for what feels like a sneaker but looks like a dress shoe.

Samuel Hubbard, Frequent Traveler, Available in Black and Whiskey Leather, $235 


Most airlines provide free headphones, but frequent fliers know that these are generally lacking in quality.

Instead, bring your own headphones to help ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Whether it be over the ear, on-ear or in-ear headphones, be sure to pack whatever is most comfortable for you. Because the last thing you want to have happen is poor quality earphones while having to listen to a crying baby during your flight.

Bose, Sound Link Around Ear Headphones, $229


Whether you go for a weekend getaway or a whole month trip, you’ll need to pack your clothes somewhere!

It’s important that your luggage is easy to use, comfortable to maneuver and above all, keeps your things organized.

When purchasing luggage, make sure to get the right type for your travels. If you travel frequently for short periods, try to stay away from checked bags as it adds time and stress to your airport experience. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your bags getting lost!  

Hartman, 7R Collection 21" Carry-On Hardside Spinner, $500

Packing Cubes

On a similar note, when you’re on the go it can be difficult to keep your clothes and travel items organized. Living out of your suitcase while having to unpack and pack nearly every night can create a mess and unwanted stress.

Tip: Use packing cubes to keeps everything in place. For a smaller suitcase, three packing cubes should typically do the job. One for your clothes, one for your underwear and the last one for dirty clothes.

It is the perfect way to separate your clothes and easily find what you’re looking for!

Eagle Creek Black Pack-It Cube Set, $27.95

Toiletry bag set

For frequent travelers, it’s a real time saver to use TSA friendly travel toiletries bags.

Already having your travel essentials set aside means there is less to do during the packing stage, and ensures you never leave anything important behind.

When in the airport security line, these clear toiletry bags are easy to find and take out for them to be scanned. Because no one enjoys rummaging through your bag to find all the toiletries you threw in there last minute!

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