Employee Spotlight: Souzi

Christina B.: Hi Souzi! Thanks for sitting down with me today. You’ve been nominated by several people to be featured in this month’s Employee Spotlight, so congratulations! Let’s get started!

What is your background? Have you worked in the shoe industry before? Can you talk a little about your family background and husband?

Souzi P.: I am Lebanese of Armenian descent! I’ve lived in Marin since I’ve been married to my sweet husband Misak for the past 30 years!

My father-in-law made orthopedic shoes by hand in Jaffa, Israel! After immigrating to Marin as a skilled laborer, he bought a shoe repair shop in Mill Valley which my husband inherited 35 years ago -Tony’s Shoe Repair.

As for me – my background is in non-profit work with youth. I knew nothing about shoes when I started at Samuel Hubbard, but I must say I’ve learned lots in the past 3 years here!

CB: Wow, what a story! I heard your husband's shop was featured in the independent film 'In the Cobbler's Shoes.' So cool! Guess you were bound to work in the shoe business, and we're very glad you did! 


Souzi and her husband Misak 

CB: What do you enjoy most about being a member of the accounting team?

SP: The accounting team is one collaborative and tight knit bunch! We all have each other’s back! I am proud to be a part of our team!


CB: What is the most commonly asked question you get?

SP: As HR Manager, one of the common questions is – when are we getting paid this pay period?

Additionally, our wholesale customers who are eager to pay are always asking for their A/R invoices!


CB: What was your favorite memory this past summer?

SP: My favorite memory this past summer is walking over 28,000 steps in one day while taking in the sights of Barcelona!

CB: That’s a lot of steps! I hope you brought your Hubbards!

SP: I sure did! Here's a picture of me wearing my Hubbard Fasts after completing 28,140 steps in one day! I couldn't have done it without my Hubbards! 

Souzi and her Hubbard Fasts in Barcelona

CB: What is your favorite Samuel Hubbard shoe and why?

SP: It’s hard to pick a favorite – I live in my Hubbard Frees daily! They are so comfortable that I forget to take them off even after I get home from work! I also love my Fast since that is the only pair that I took to Spain this summer and toured on foot both Madrid and Barcelona all day every day for 10 days!

CB: Wow, the only pair you brought!? Amazing! They really are the perfect travel shoes. 


CB: What do you do in your spare time?

SP: I love long walks with my husband and hikes with my family! I also love to cook and bake! My most favorite past time activity is to spend quality time with my three young adult daughters!

CB: Marin has some great hikes! It's so nice you get to spend that quality time with your girls. And your cooking and baking is incredible! We love when you bring in homemade treats and hummus into the office. You spoil us! 


Souzi and her three daughters on a hike

CB: Have you always lived in California? What do you like most about living in California? What are some of your favorite places to visit in California?

SP: I lived in Beirut, Lebanon until I moved to California 40 years ago! I was a valley girl in LA’s San Fernando Valley for 10 years before I moved to Marin.

I enjoy Tahoe tremendously and I drive to Southern California frequently to visit family!


CB: How has Samuel Hubbard changed/grown since you’ve started?

SP: Where do I begin! When I first started 3 years ago, there were only 4 of us…. and now our team consists of 28 talented individuals and we are still growing!!


From Left to Right: Misak (Souzi's husband wearing Hubabrd Frees), Souzi (wearing Hubbard Frees), Doni (VP of Marketing wearing Boot-Ups), Michael (Creative Director wearing Hubbard Fast) and Bridget (VP of Merchandising wearing 24 Sevens)

CB: What do you binge watch on TV?

SP: As emotional as it gets, I love watching “This is Us”. For a lighter show I enjoy “Grace and Frankie”

CB: This is Us is a great show! Definitely a tearjerker!


CB: How much fun do you have in your job and what do you do to make your co-worker’s job fun as well?

SP: I have loads of fun working at Samuel Hubbard! I look forward to coming to work to see everyone every day! I love the family environment that Samuel Hubbard has created for us and to contribute to that I often bring homemade hummus to share with all!

CB: Your hummus is seriously the best! Maybe you’ll have to share your recipe with us someday! : )

Thanks for your time, Souzi! It was great learning more about you, and we truly value all that you do for us here at Samuel Hubbard!