Meet Liz! Our California and Hawaii Sales Rep

Christina Bullock (CB): Hi Liz! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today. You’ve been nominated to be featured in our employee spotlight series, so let’s’ get started!

Liz Chekouras (LC): I feel so honored! Sounds good, let’s do this!

CB: Can you tell me a little bit about your background, how you started working at Samuel Hubbard and where you are today?  

LC: Sure! My background is in healthcare sales until I met Bruce (our Founder & CEO) and Claudia (our VP) and was hired as one of the first Hubbard employees. There were only a couple of people in the company at the time. I contributed in whatever way was necessary, which eventually progressed into wholesale side of the business. It will be four years in March. 

CB: Wow, how cool that you were there from the very beginning! How has Samuel Hubbard changed since you’ve started?

LC: When I started you could count everyone working for the company on one hand.  We didn't have shoeboxes yet or inventory. One of the best parts is how much I learned, especially since everyone shared responsibilities. Since there were only a couple of employees, you had to jump in where needed.  It's amazing to see the amount of growth over just three years.  We used to celebrate when 100 pairs sold in a week!

Liz assisting retailers at the Las Vegas FN Platform Show

CB: Such a cool story! As part of the sales team, what do you enjoy most?

LC: It's great to work with and develop relationships with so many different types of retailers and to see how positive of an impact our shoes have on their business. The sales team is very dedicated, and I'm drawn to everyone's energy.  

I also think it's important to have fun and enjoy what you do.  My job is always changing, and no two days are ever the same, which keeps it interesting. I like variety. In stores we do trainings and trunk shows on Fridays and weekends where we interact with customers, order lunch, and work with the shoes. It makes selling Hubbards a fun experience for all. 

Liz hosting a Samuel Hubbard trunk show at Citi Shoes in San Francisco.

Liz and the Citi Shoes ladies are wearing 24 Sevens in Whiskey. 

CB: That’s awesome! What would you say is the most commonly asked question you get?

LC: Store owners and staff are quite fascinated with the history of Samuel Hubbard, and commonly asked questions about how the company got started. "Shoemakers since 1930" is usually what sparks curiosity and interest. People like hearing about Bruce's Rockport days and why he got back into the business.  Our roots are what set us apart; it's a great story to tell.   

Liz outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center in front of the Samuel Hubbard sign.

Liz is wearing our 24 Seven boots in Black Suede. 

CB: It sure is! What are some of your tips for taking care of your foot health?

LC: For healthy and happy feet, comfort is a top priority. A shoe that you can walk in comfortably through the day makes a huge difference. I like to switch my shoes out regularly, and don't wear the same shoes every day. I wear the 24 Seven one day and the Fast the next.

CB: Most definitely! Speaking of which, what is your favorite Samuel Hubbard shoe and why?

LC: The women's 24 Seven in Whiskey and Black are my favorites. They can be dressed down or dressed up. With each wear they get more comfortable, like a glove on your foot. I often get compliments, and people want to know who makes them and where they can be found.

CB: Those are classics! I remember you were pictured in them with your dog in a few of our recent catalogs. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

LC: Funny you should mention it. I have a basset hound that likes to go for walks. One night we were about a mile from home when he didn't want to walk anymore, and just laid down on the sidewalk and took a nap. I carried him all the way home (he's 40 lbs) with people pulling over asking if he was okay. I finally gave in and got a ride home on a golf cart from a friendly neighbor. Now people see us walking in the neighborhood, roll down the window, and ask if we need a lift.  

Liz and her dog Beau (short for Beauregard!) in the fall Samuel Hubbard catalog.

Liz is wearing 24 Sevens in Whiskey. 

CB: Haha that is too funny! Sounds like you enjoy walking, what else do you like to do in your spare time?

LC: Yes! Aside from walking, I love to go running and hiking. There's something about fresh air and sunlight that is energizing and motivating. I also like cooking, reading, spending time with my husband Nick and family, and discovering new places.

CB: That all sounds so nice! Speaking of motivation, what is your favorite inspirational quote?    

LC: "Ability is what you're capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, Attitude determines how well you do it"

CB: That’s a great one! Thanks for sharing, Liz. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you better and our retailers are lucky to have you!