Employee Spotlight: Lauren

Christina B.: What is your background? Have you worked in the shoe industry before?

Lauren M.: I’ve been in the shoe industry for almost 6 years, first in women’s, now men’s. Prior to that, my background consisted of retail and customer service.

CB: How long have you been working for Samuel Hubbard?

LM: I’m coming up on 1 year! October 17th.

CB: What do you enjoy most about being a member of the sales team?

LM: I really enjoy establishing and cultivating relationships with our wholesale accounts (or our retailers).

Everyone comes from different walks of life and different work experiences, so there’s always something new to learn. Plus our retailers ask some great questions and provide us with much appreciated feedback.


Lauren hiking in Yosemite

CB: Can you talk a little about the sales team here at SH?  

LM: The sales team was born when the company saw the need to expand, after continued growth through our ecommerce site (which still does tremendously well). Our sales team consists of 6 sales reps, each assigned a specific territory throughout the US, and 2 sales admins (that’s myself and Roxanne). I’ve learned the value of being in a partnership when it comes to daily tasks, unexpected challenges, understanding new concepts/procedures, etc. The list continues!

CB: What is your favorite Samuel Hubbard shoe and why?

LM: I would have to say the Tipping Point in whiskey- it’s such a sharp looking and handsome shoe!

Who doesn’t love a good wingtip?


Tipping Point, Whiskey Leather, $235

CB: Has being a part of Samuel Hubbard made an impact on your own life?

LM: Being a part of Samuel Hubbard has definitely made an impact on my life thus far. I look forward to going to work each day and seeing this awesome group of people I work with. We have this ability to work independently within our own departments, yet when needed, we work together to accomplish whatever task may be at hand. Everyone here is truly committed to the product and to the company. It’s such a contagious feel-good energy, and it helps keep me positive.

CB: Okay now for some fun questions! What is your go-to karaoke song?

LM: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”

CB: What do you binge watch on Netflix (or TV)?

LM: I’m currently wrapping up the original Twin Peaks, yet I’m counting down the days until Stranger Things Season 2 returns. (October 27 in case you’re wondering)

CB: Which superpower would you like to have and why?

LM: The ability to speak any language- it would make traveling internationally so much easier.