Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat.

On November 6th, Samuel Hubbard set up shop in downtown San Francisco at WeWork Embarcadero Center to offer the people of the co-sharing workspace a chance to “test drive”our shoes for the day. At the end of the day, they had the opportunity to purchase them, and we enjoyed all of the feedback!

In a beautiful office overlooking the bay, we had samples of most of our shoes on display, while offering men 4 styles and women 3 styles to try on. We made sure to bring our iconic "UnSneaker" Hubbard Free in Navy Nubuck. We also did our men's Uptown Maverick, Reboot, and Hubbard Fast. For women, they got to try on the 24 Seven, Tailored Traveler, and Winged Traveler. 

The "test drive" was this: folks would put on their size and go about their day – hopefully increasing productivity because comfort was now the least of their concerns on a busy Tuesday! We may be a bit biased in believing that our shoes are the most comfortable ones in the world, so we wanted people to break them in, walk all over, and see for themselves. At the end of the day, they were welcome to purchase them. 

We received thought-provoking feedback. We love to hear what our customers think! Comments ranged from the design to the feel, to personal struggles people have with their feet and if we could help them. 

We loved hearing how people were impressed by the quality of the leather and how naturally the shoe fit to their foot. They were euphoric, walking away finding joy in the little things in life. We have always taken pride in our quality of the shoe, but it is times like this where we truly are grateful that we can offer a glimpse of joy to someone for a moment.

While at our stand, people had the chance to enter a raffle to win a free pair of shoes. Because it was Midterm Elections, and we love the freedom of speech -- we even made a shoe with the First Amendment on it! Samuel Hubbard honored those who voted and gave them an extra raffle entry!

With lots of entries, our lucky raffle winner, Kelly, is now enjoying her Tasseled Travelers.