A Day of Service with Samuel Hubbard

Community service is more than just words, but an opportunity to contribute one’s time to help others and make a difference in society. You can put in volunteer “hours”, but it’s truly about being engaged and present.  We learned this and more during Samuel Hubbard’s first annual volunteer day at the SF/Marin Food Bank in San Francisco. On a foggy Tuesday in early September, Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company closed their headquarters in Greenbrae, California for the day and our team headed over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Since 1937, SF/Marin Food Bank has made an impact on over 225,000 people all the way from the southeast corner of San Francisco to the farthest points in West Marin.

We got a quick tour of the massive food bank warehouse, then donned hair nets and gloves to help turn 100lb bags of rice into one hundred, 1lb bags of rice.  During our time at the food bank, we weighed, packaged, bagged, and labeled almost 5,000 pounds of rice. We learned that each of these bags would feed a small family.  And we learned that volunteering doesn’t just help out those in need, but brings a sense of community, teamwork (maybe a little friendly competition), and grace for the volunteer.  

At SF/Marin Food Bank, once the food is packed and boxed it gets shipped to neighborhood pantries and then distributed to local families. If you or anyone you know are in need of assistance, please CLICK HERE to locate you neighbor pantry.  

"Love cannot remain by itself, it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service."- Mother Teresa