Caring for your Patent Leather Shoes

Caring for your Patent Leather Shoes

Though many styles come and go, patent leather has been a fall staple in the US since Seth Boyden of New Jersey introduced it in 1818 by reverse engineering a sample from Germany.  This fall, patent leather shoes are a “must have” on any well-dressed person’s list.

Patent is characterized by its high-gloss, glassy finish.  To make patent leather, a varnish or lacquer is applied in the final steps of the tanning process.  The care is quite easy as the finish makes these shoes fairly stain repellent. Simply:

  • Use a baby wipe to clean off any surface dirt.

  • Dry with a clean soft polishing cloth.  

  • Wait for 24 hours, then polish with saddle soap and apply leather conditioner or mineral oil.  

  • Do not use rough or scratchy washcloths, hard brushes, bleach or excessive water. They will cause scratching or could make your patent dull.

Samuel Hubbard offers a beautiful collection of patent leather shoes for women.  You can find them here.