Beyond Flip Flops: Summer Shoe Guide

The truth is out! Most of us only spend a small fraction of our summers at the beach. While sandals seem to be the emblem of summer, they're really only the perfect shoe for a warm day at the beach. That means that so many summer adventures require alternative footwear. We aren't limited in our imagination. As a group of adventurers, we've been thinking about all the places we've been and where we're going for the rest of the warm season. So whether we're boating in Hawaii or climbing the Spanish Steps, we've thought about the footwear that will get the Hubbard family, you and us, farther — wondering what to wear for your summer days away from the sand? Here's our style guide for wherever your warmest (and longest!) days take you.

Take on the high seas.

Are you heading to the coast for a weekend on the shore or a day on your boat coasting the seas? Whether you're heading to Hawaii or Newport Harbor, a good pair of boat shoes (we suggest New Endeavor or Blue Skies) will make some of the most refreshing summer memories stress-free. Wear them with your favorite shorts and a classic t-shirt or try them with jeans and a bomber jacket for breezier days. Are you wondering about whether to wear boat shoes with socks? We have your answer in our recent blog!

Attend your best friend's wedding in style.

Weddings can certainly fill up the calendar in the summer. Whether you're the best man or the guest who knows how to bring the dance floor to life - a wedding is a perfect reason to retire your sandals. You want to be the one who sets the bar on every occasion, and this is no exception. What pairs well with your best suit? Try a formal shoe with a sleek and classic silhouette like our Founder or Highlander. You'll be making memories and a great impression.

Climb the mountain range on your bucket list.

Are you ready to take on the heights this summer? There's no better time for unobstructed views and days full of sunlight hours for further treks. Whether you're taking on a local range or traveling to a famous scenic route, a climb with friends or family is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories. If you're looking for advice on how to start hiking, we've got you covered. Read our Hiking Survival Guide! Take on the mountains in a pair of ridiculously comfortable hiking boots like our Mt. Tam or Northcoast boots - they're ready to take on the heights.

Explore Barcelona with your family.

Witnessing La Sagrada Familia, getting carried away by La Rambla, and taking in Picasso's works calls for footwear that is both comfortable and stylish. While you're expanding your horizons, you deserve shoes that will help you do justice famous city streets and take you to all of the incredible views. This summer is your perfect opportunity to marvel at Guadí's genius in Uptown Maverick. You might catch yourself feeling like a work of art too.

Catch your flight to a life-changing conference.

When you're on your way to discovering exciting innovations and opportunities, you'll want to be able to catch your next flight with ease. Both Frequent Traveler and Ivy Legend are ready for your on-the-move lifestyle. They slip on and off easily so that nothing can hold you back. Go through security and keep your imagination running on all cylinders.

As a group of adventurers who are catching last-minute flights, walking city streets, and following the unexpected path to new opportunities, we are creating shoes for your journey. Wherever you take your Hubbards, we make sure they're ready for the challenge. Opportunity is all around us, and many of those exciting possibilities start from the ground up. The right shoes can take you farther. Are you ready to experience adventure right out of the box?

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