Exploring Utah: Arches National Park

Right outside of Moab, Arches National Park is one of the top natural beauties of Utah. It’s the perfect destination for a weekend outdoors getaway. The park offers a range of short and long hikes to the main landmarks along with a highlight-filled scenic road and its viewpoints.

The best way to explore and enjoy Arches National Park is by car or bicycle. By car, the 18-mile one-way scenic road will take you directly to the best viewpoints and hiking trailheads. At a relaxed pace, you can easily complete the best short hikes and vantage points over a weekend.

Arches National Park is an hour away from Canyonlands National Park and 29 miles from Dead Point Horse State Park. This triad offers an abundance of adventures and hikes.

Most Popular Hikes in the Arches National Park

There are a variety of natural features across the park, most notably the natural sandstone arches. Hiking through the arches takes you to the most beautiful spots with a panoramic view of Upper Delicate Arch, the Balanced Rock and the Windows. 

Delicate Arch is notably the most popular landmark in the park as well as the state. There are two viewpoints, the Upper and Lower. The Lower viewpoint is just a short walk, where you can see the arch from the distance. The Upper viewpoint takes you straight to the base of the arch along a steep 3-mile round trip trail. 

The Windows trail is an easy mile round trip hike with breathtaking views. Bring your camera for the ideal Instagram picture. While you’re in the area stop and visit the North and South Window as well as the Turret Arch. 

The Devil's Garden is one of the longest hikes in the park. It is a 7.2-mile hike that will have you pass the seven distinct arches including Double O and Landscape Arch. Start early, as there are little shade and plenty of hot sand. Best to keep your Samuel Hubbard’s on during this time!

Stay overnight at Devils Garden Campground for more beautiful sights. Thanks to the limited light pollution, as the sunsets the sky will be filled with the wonders of the Milky Way. It tends to be booked months in advance, so make reservations.

 If Devil’s Garden is full, Arches is surrounded by public BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land with 26 different paid campgrounds available on a first come, first served basis. There are also areas nearby that have free primitive camping spots.

 We hope you enjoy the stunning views of Moab and make sure to take care of your feet!