25 Hubbard Insider Secrets

Every pair of Hubbards is crafted from so much more than 85 years of experience in shoemaking (and premium leather!). They're also born from a passion for diving into the moments in life that make you feel vibrantly alive and open to all kinds of adventure while you pursue your most important goals. Whether you're chasing your purpose in life into a different career, becoming acquainted with Costa Rica, or investing in your community - Hubbards are designed to take you further. Your adventure. Your way. All in.

It all begins with the incredible vision and exploration that drives our founder, Bruce Katz. More unexpected adventures and aha! moments have led to our Samuel Hubbard shoes than would fit in a hefty novel. So we'll start by sharing a few of the highlights - a taste of the journey. Have you wondered how your favorite shoes sprang to life? Hubbards have a full story to tell, even before they join in on your adventure.

Here are 25 insider secrets to what makes Hubbards exceptional.

1. Every pair is designed to fit your feet, so you can effortlessly chase your next chapter. Most shoe companies don't allow enough time to get a good fit. We won't accept anything less than the perfect fit.

2. Whether you're planning to walk 10 miles (or 10,000 steps), Hubbards are designed to be more comfortable than any sneaker. It turns out that an all leather Hubbard is more supportive than your typical athletic shoe. They can go the distance.

3. They're designed in Marin, a part of the famously innovative San Francisco Bay Area, right at the foot of stunning Mt. Tam in Marin County. Adventure is at the heart of this beautiful corner of California.

4. These shoes are stubbornly well-made. Our founder always thinks about quality first. "Bruce has a bad habit," our head shoemaker says. "He never asks what things cost, just what will make the shoes better." No shortcuts here.

5. Every pair of Hubbards is a part of the family. Bruce dove back into the shoe business at the request of his young daughter.

6. Each detail is a point of pride. Bruce realized something before diving back into his family's trade. None of the shoes on the market could keep up with the ones he'd created when he was in the business years ago. So he began a new chapter. His goal is to make the kind of shoes that an expert's expert would want to wear.

7. Hubbards started making friends from day one. We've had thousands of customers who tell us the same thing - they will never go back to other shoe brands. We take pride in knowing there are closets with 20 pairs of Hubbards. We can't blame them!

8. Where are these trailblazers crafted? Portugal - a country that helped write the book on shoemaking. Artisans bring them into reality using a variety of techniques that fly far above industry standards.

9. They get plenty of individual attention along the way. It takes over 100 pairs of hands to make each pair of our shoes.

10. Hubbards might be cutting edge but there are no robots in our factory! The machines we use to make our shoes are sixty years old (So are some of the craftsmen). They love what they do and they've been doing it for generations.

11. Each style has a unique personality that we celebrate, so we aren't trying to make our shoes faster. We are trying to make them as comfortable as humanly possible!

12. It takes time to bring these shoes to life. We've spent as long as two years to develop a new shoe style. One of our most recent shoe styles went through 14 prototypes before we were satisfied. At Hubbard, we keep our standards high.

13. We do it for the jet-setters, hard-working creatives, on-the-go parents, athletes, driven goal-getters, and everyone in between who count on their shoes for support when they're on the move.

14. Hubbards break the mold! We think it's time you experienced extraordinary comfort.

15. They come to life using exclusively the finest of leathers from around the world. Why? They're renowned for their softness and luxurious aniline finishes. These leathers mean there's no need to break in a new pair of shoes — comfort right out of the box.

16. Ever wonder how we pick the very best leather? We inspect every batch of leather by hand. We never settle for anything except the very best.

17. Hubbards can go all day! There aren't any synthetic fabrics in our lining because we're picky. Only genuine cowhide glove leather makes the cut. Glove leather lining means a silky smooth feel that naturally keeps your feet cool on your long walks and unexpected dashes.

18. Sensitive? You're going to develop a soft spot for ridiculously comfortable shoes. They're crafted to eliminate pressure points with soft padding — no rough spots to rub against your feet. We got rid of seams, bumps, and rough spots, so you go straight into an adventure without having to break them in.

19. Are you getting ready for rainy days? Our Rainy Day styles stand out when you're facing a storm. The top industry experts are responsible for our waterproof boots. We only use leather from the British tannery that invented waterproof leather.

20. Our shoes are confident that they can stand above the rest. The combination of a triple-density insole and layered leather in the footbed makes it the most luxurious in the industry. When it comes to your comfort, we spare no expense.

21. Hubbards are bouncy and resilient, just like you. Vibram® outsoles (Vibram invented rubber soles in 1937) are the pinnacle of stability and comfort.

22. You might have heard of them described as the Un-Sneaker. That's because these shoes are better than athletic shoes in their performance. Oh, but with elevated style.

23. Hubbards can take you farther since they last longer! They can be resoled whenever you're ready for a tune-up. With a new pair of soles, you can double the life of your favorite shoes.

24. The second you join the Hubbard community, you're family. We love to get calls from our customers. We strive to make friends with every pair of Hubbards and get to know their stories. If you want to place an order or ask about our products, please call us at (844) 482-4800. Real people. Award-winning customer service is just a call away.

25. Our shoes speak for themselves. Just listen to your feet.

We're passionate about adventure. After all, the drive to pursue it past the horizon is what started this journey to bring you these ridiculously comfortable shoes. Now that we've succeeded in that goal, we're going even farther. We're continuing on this path with people who are as passionate about Hubbards as we are. Are you curious about what's next? Well, the next chapter in the Samuel Hubbard story is always being written (by you and by us). We're kicking off an exciting new series on our blog that will feature the unexpected and unforgettable adventures that started it all. Come along for the ride. Where to?