Leather Shoe Lining: Types & Differences

The materials used to line leather shoes are as important (or more important) than the materials used to construct the uppers. Premium shoes will use higher quality linings that are more comfortable and more durable. You can feel the difference the second you slip on a pair of shoes lined in luxu... Read more

What To Do When Leather Shoes & Boots Get Wet

When your leather shoes or boots get wet, it’s important to take special care of them to make sure the leather is not permanently damaged. Follow these step-by-step instructions to treat wet leather shoes and boots for best results. Also, note that these instructions do not apply to suede, ... Read more

What Are High Quality Shoes?

Not all shoes are created equal. Higher quality shoes are made from better materials, with better construction, which will look better and last longer. Materials The materials used to construct a shoe are critical. The quality of the materials will directly impact comfort, durability, and how t... Read more

Waterproof & Winter Travel Shoes

Traveling in wet and cold conditions makes it especially difficult to plan your footwear properly. A lot of winter shoes and boots are waterproof at the expense of comfort, which only makes the decision more complex. Winter shoes and boots shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable to protect you f... Read more

Holiday Recipes from Our Family to Yours

Here are our staff picks for our favorite holiday recipes. We hope that you enjoy making them as much as we do! Here is a baker’s dozen (we couldn’t resist!) of amazing dishes to share and enjoy this holiday season. Remember to wear your most comfortable Hubbards when you're on your f... Read more

Making Hubbard Dreams with Ewe Grant

  From Sheep to Shoes, How Hubbard Dreams are Made If you liked the video above, you’ll love this exclusive interview. At Samuel Hubbard, we believe in empowering adventures. Normally, our shoes empower the adventures of other people, wherever our customers’ journeys take t... Read more

Men's Dress Shoe Styles: A Comprehensive Guide

There are dozens of dress shoe styles, which is understandably confusing when you’re trying to buy a pair. This guide will explain the difference in various types and the terminology behind them. Dress Shoe Styles Oxford The Oxford is the most common type of dress shoe and was named fo... Read more

Men's & Women's Shoes For Standing All Day

There are lots of professions and situations that require standing all day. Doctors, nurses, salespeople, cooks, chefs and bartenders all work long hours on their feet, and need shoes that will give them enough support. Even if you don’t work in a job that requires standing, there are lots ... Read more

The Best Travel Shoes For Walking

Travel shoes for walking need to fit a lot of criteria, but they shouldn’t need to sacrifice style. A good pair of travel shoes is versatile, comfortable, durable, and stylish. You can comfortably wear them while walking around the city all day, and still wear them out to a nice dinner and ... Read more