The Story Behind Our Wool Collection

The Hubbard Dreams Collection was inspired by our founder’s adventures through Scandanavia and Germany. Bruce Katz was hiking through Wengen, Switzerland with his family one summer when he discovered wool shoes from Denmark. He took them sailing in Sweden and discovered the wonder of wool s... Read more

10 Tips for Winter Travel

This is our guide to traveling to cold destinations. For our guide on how to enjoy a winter vacation to a tropical destination, stay tuned. When adventuring in the winter, the goal is to pack light, be stylish, and stay warm for the duration of your vacation. Many of us love to go on adventures d... Read more

5 Reasons Hubbards are a Great Value

We work hard to ensure that our shoes are worth the premium price, so we’re happy to bring you into the process. Our customers can feel the difference too⁠—that’s why we have over 10,000 five star reviews. If you know someone who has slipped their feet into Hubbards, they can te... Read more

Where to? Chapter 1

We’re lacing up our shoes and kicking off a new series of stories to welcome you into the Hubbard family. At Samuel Hubbard, we like to think of ourselves as a group of adventurers who happen to make shoes. We’ve visited incredible corners of the world, love the outdoors, and have a u... Read more

Where to? Chapter 2

If you’re interested in incredible stories of overcoming the odds and taking a unique path to adventure, then you’ve come to the right place. We paused last time in telling the journey of Samuel Hubbard’s founder, Bruce Katz, with his new determination to sail the world. He had ... Read more

The Shoe Dictionary

With so many dress shoes, it can be hard to tell a Blucher from an Oxford. That's why we've had our experts come up with a dictionary to help you tell these different styles apart. We hope that you enjoy learning about something we at Samuel Hubbard are so passionate about⁠—the details of s... Read more

Understanding Wide Shoe Sizes: What Are They?

Wide shoe sizes are described using a lot of terminology and it’s usually very confusing. There are multiple sizes (Normal, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide), plus letters (M, D, E, etc.), or letters with numbers (2A, 2E, 4E). Keep reading to understand what the different sizes are and how wide sho... Read more

Men's & Women's Shoe Styles For Traveling | Samuel Hubbard

Shoe versatility is critical when traveling, especially if you’re on a long trip or you’re doing a lot of different activities. Minimizing the number of shoes you need will help you pack lighter by wearing the same pair of shoes in different settings for different activities. Samuel H... Read more

7 Ways to Help Your Local Humane Society

At Samuel Hubbard, we love pets. We really love dogs⁠—there’s always a puppy running around our office as proof! We’re partnering with the Marin Humane Society this month and we want to show a little extra love to our pawfect friends. Do you want to know how to help your local H... Read more