Everything You Need To Know About Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are an awesome piece of footwear because they can be worn with almost anything and add class to any outfit. Especially for men, when summer footwear options are limited, the open-top design is perfect for keeping feet cooler in hot temperatures. Why Are They Called Boat Shoes? Boat s... Read more

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How To Clean Leather Boat Shoes

The versatility of boat shoes means you can wear them almost anywhere and everywhere. Are you sailing along the coast? Boat shoes are the obvious answer. Spending a casual day walking the dog and enjoying the sunshine? Again, boat shoes are perfect for the occasion. However, wearing them frequent... Read more

How To Wear Boat Shoes (Looks & Styles)

Boat shoes are extraordinarily versatile and can be worn with just about anything. Compared to sneakers, they add extra class to any outfit, whether it’s shorts and a t-shirt or a full blazer and tie combo. The appeal of boat shoes lies in their versatility. They look just as good boarding ... Read more

Beyond Flip Flops: Summer Shoe Guide

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Should You Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

Whether socks should be worn with boat shoes is a much-debated topic among true enthusiasts. On one hand, purists will argue that boat shoes are specifically designed to be worn without socks. After all, their leather construction is intended to be comfortably worn barefoot. In maritime condition... Read more

Customer Service Department of the Year... Again!

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Meet Kenton Hoppas

With the stroke of a marker, a big imagination, and a bit of wit, we give you Kenton Hoppas, an illustrator that many would describe as a mixture of Keith Haring and Mr. Doodle. For over 20 years, Kenton doodled on almost everything, ranging from helmets, surfboards, clothing, and more. He sta... Read more